July 5, 2007

NYC: Construction Accidents

* Construction Worker Falls To His Death On Staten Island

* Stop-Work Order Issued At Citi Field Site Following Construction Accident

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Anonymous said...

... I am/was a proud member of Local 2287, back in 05' I was seriously injured on a jobsite.Instead of the usual Union Carpenters breaking down furniture in preparation to our flooring installation,a cheaper, untrained (in this skill)in-house maintainance crew was allowed my safety in their untrained hands. Long story short, I went without all but $400.-comp weekly, my family and self left to suffer. Through these three years,spinal(neck-back)surgeries,implants hardware,epidurals by the dozen,addictive drug treatments,paifull recoveries,overall pain and lost hope it will get better not even mentioning the econonic losses as well as torn marriage.Unable to maintain health insurance for my children , one of which has epilepsy seizures and w/out treatment,meds and a costly specialist is in danger.My wife in need of monitoring and meds due to radiation treatments on her thiroid.Pulling my son from pvt.school, which afforded him the education/potential college platform he deserved, not to mention the closer monitoring of his condition and reduced travel.My son has lost interest in school at this point,wants to quit to help w/family support.We went a portion of every winter since without heat due to unaffordable oil prices and the reduced credit/savings from the years since the injury. I even tried to return to work, my employer seemed anxious to put me back on.I was made to work alone, given the "non-existant" quota yardage and shown no concernfor my wellbeing what so ever.I was hurting so much I had to tip the labores w/break in order to drag my pallet deliveries into the bldg. as well as jockey them around each day as the job progressed. I came in early and left late, clocking my seven hours only in order to make the numbers and insure I would continue to work.I was told bt my the jobs salesman and the company PM that the job numbers were up(anyone whos run work would know they were way ahead)I went home and collapsed, barely able to get up and do it again, I took $45.00taxis to the city because the trains became to much strain on my body, not to mention humpin' my tools.Soon after the jobs completion,adding more insult to my injuries, They Fired Me.They just wanted me to get off comp, waved a carrot in my face(knowing my dire situation), I was so proud to tell my family "I was going back to my job, the company wanted me back".Once again I had to explain to them, the light at the end of this Hell was once again snuffed out.Our lives have been a living hell, I cannot live with the physical pain much longer. I cannot deal with my family having to suffer any longer, all for the sake of saving money.I am schedueled for still another surgery(pending approval),I just want this to end, get back to work (If I can)in some cappacity with the Union hopefully.My comment is , many worker get seriously injured each year on jobsites. There has to be more we can do to support them and their families emotionally/financially and offer a potential way for them to regain their pride/ financial security with the possibility of employment in another capacity with the Union.Workmans comp as well as NYS Disabillity ins. offer payment toward re-training/further training in ones former field of employment.I am not aware of any options for disabled carpenters though I'd certainly be interested in learning if they exist. At this point I am still unable to work(lord knows I'e tried), I am not even sure I'll ever be able to work as a floor layer again, but it would certainly be a great incentive knowing he potential to return(in some way)exists.