June 29, 2007

Southwest Regional's future headquarter

Regional carpenters union buys $9M plot for new headquarters

"A resurgence in the use of union labor in the construction industry finds the carpenters union preparing to build a training center and headquarters in Albuquerque that will give it much more visibility."

- New Mexico Business Weekly by Tom O'Connell

June 27, 2007

NYC: Danger & ripoffs are on the rise

How hot construction biz brings a black market, scams & deaths

"The biggest building boom in more than 30 years has spawned a cadre of scofflaw developers in every borough who routinely violate building codes, flout zoning regulations and ignore basic construction safety, a Daily News investigation shows."

"Hiring workers off the books shifts costs to taxpayers and law-abiding contractors and gives unscrupulous builders an unfair competitive advantage, especially in contracts awarded to the lowest bidder."

June 26, 2007

Executive Pay Attacked

Soaring Executive Pay Attacked by Shareholder Activists

In this spring’s round of corporate annual meetings, the Carpenters Union led an effort to clamp down on performance metric gamesmanship. The Carpenters and allied groups pushed a resolution asking corporate boards to benchmark their performance standards against competing firms. The goal: no windfalls for executives whose companies fail to beat their competitors.

Employee Free Choice Act Killed!

H.R. 800: Employee Free Choice Act of 2007 killed by Republicans!

The Senate took up the Employee Free Choice Act (S.1041). 51 Senators stood up for workers’ rights! However, 60 votes were needed to proceed on the bill at this time.

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June 16, 2007

Steward Admits Taking Bribe : (

Carpenters’ Shop Steward Admits Taking Bribe

On Fri., June 15, before Magistrate Judge Debra C. Freeman, former NYC District Council steward David Veltri pled guilty to charges of aiding and abetting the embezzlement of an employee benefit plan by accepting a bribe of at least $8,000 in return for leaving Union Carpenters off his steward reports for a Tri-Built Construction Inc. job in Brooklyn. The offense occurred from January through May 2004. Sentencing has been set for 9/15/2007 before U.S. District Judge William Pauley of the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York. --ubcyes.com

Veltri Plea Press Release