July 11, 2007

NYC contractors, unions urge three strikes policy for safety violations

NYC contractors, unions urge three strikes policy for safety violations

"Coletti noted: Construction in NYC is becoming a 'Tale of Two Cities,' contractors who follow the rules and those who don't. Construction fatalities and accidents do not discriminate between union and non-union jobs, but we can't escape the fact that, according to federal government statistics, 86% of deaths occur on non-union sites."

July 9, 2007

St. James contractor evades taxes on illegal labor

"The plea by Jay Kuhn, the head of Kuhn Brothers Construction of St. James, is just the start of a large-scale federal investigation into illegal practices in the construction industry on Long Island that cheat the government out of tax revenue, according to sources familiar with the investigation."

Sizing up impact of first IRS bust of LI employer


Selling out workers' safety

Selling out workers' safety

"A 2007 New York study of the city's housing industry claims that more than two-thirds of the residential workforce is no longer treated as employees, split between so-called independent contractors and those who are off the books. These workers are not covered by the most basic labor laws such as overtime, unemployment, and workers compensation and will never be eligible for Social Security."

See how 1099 abuse costs every taxpayer & honest employer

Boston Globe
By Mark Erlich 

July 3, 2007

Fight for UNION work at 48th & 8th!!!

Hardhats face off in West Side rumble

"Construction workers squared off on a midtown street yesterday after a nonunion laborer backed a cement mixer into a crowd of protesting union workers, police and witnesses said." --Daily News